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Best Premium Tough Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Great news, the Galaxy Note 10 is here and Samsung has not let their fans down. What many users are discovering is there is much more to admire about the new phone than just the ultra-large screen and super-thin handset design.

Aside from its stylish appearance, the Galaxy Note 10 offers some amazing tools and new features you will love.

Screen-Recording and S-Pen Details

Did you know there is a screen recording option? If you’re wondering what that entails, it’s exactly as it sounds. Easily record the display screen, your voice, even your face using the advanced features. It’s not difficult to imagine all the applications for this innovative crowd-pleaser, such as taking care of business calls or recording your next vlog.

Thanks to the advanced options of the S-Pen and its’ smart select feature, users can pin a screenshot to your display for smooth messaging or emailing. Fans of the note also appreciate the spare stylus option which gives one the ability to use multiple S-Pen’s, should they feel the need.

Advanced Side-Key Options

One of the best surprises is the side-key reprogramming option. This was a button that was typically used to turn your phone off/on or place it in wake/sleep mode. Now this side-key can open up the camera and, by using the advanced features in your settings, you can reprogram it to open up any app on your phone.

With all these details fresh in your mind, it’s only natural that your thoughts should wander about the best note 10 case of 2019. Or, at least be thinking about a note 10 heavy-duty case to keep your new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus protected.

Galaxy Note 10 Military-Grade Case -The Atomic Slim Series

The Galaxy Note 10 presents a sleek, 6.3-inch display touchscreen with an extremely thin bezel. Although it’s a truly stunning phone, protecting it with a Note 10 tough case is still a must.

It features a raised bezel to provide extra-screen protection to avoid those unsightly scratches, cracks, or shatters. The backing is also clear and scratch-resistant, providing equal protection for the rear of the smartphone.

The Atomic Slim3 is a note 10 rugged case with advanced dual-layer construction. It consists of an ultra-thin thermoplastic inner skin, an aluminum alloy bumper frame, and R7x shock-absorbing raised corners. The drop-resistant cover can withstand falls from as high as twelve feet.

Furthermore, this cover supports wireless power charging and wireless Powershare. Even with the impressive battery life, the Galaxy Note 10 has so many advanced features to explore, don’t be surprised if you rarely turn it off.

A Ghostek Note 10 metal case, like the Atomic Slim3, would be one of the best safeguards to choose for your new smartphone. Find more information on durable covers, audio equipment, and other smartphone gear at

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