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How to Choose the Best Case for Your Galaxy S10

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone hit sales stands earlier this year. It’s no surprise that Android smartphone users everywhere are eager to check it out.

Smartphone’s today are often likened to a portable, mini-computer. If you have any of Samsung’s Galaxy S-series smartphones, it’s not a bad idea to protect it.

Who wouldn’t want to look at the Best S10 Cases to safeguard their mobile investment? If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look below. Here are ideas you should consider when shopping for S10 Protective Cases, covers, and accessories.

Consider Protection Details

There are different levels of protective cases you should consider before picking the first eye-catching case you see.

Initially, ask yourself some questions like, what exactly am I looking for? Are you someone that worries about it bouncing off the ground or falling in the water?

Prevent damage to your smartphone by investing in covers that utilize silicone, rubber, or similar materials for shock absorption. Plastic materials don’t deliver the same level of impact durability.

When searching for waterproof covers, it’s not difficult to find one capable of withstanding surprising depths. It’s also helpful to look for cases that can stay submerged in water for longer than a few minutes.


Finding a strong, user-friendly phone case doesn’t have to be a chore. Ghostek offers a variety of options such as the NAUTICAL, a Galaxy S10 Waterproof Case. Perfect for people who want the ultimate watertight design to protect their phones in the wettest weather or roughest conditions.

Eliminate the stress associated with dropping your phone. Say goodbye to cracked screens or chipped edges. The CLOAK is a shockproof hybrid case specifically constructed to prevent those problems. It features tough, thermoplastic fusion mold edges. You can drop it from as high as two-meters without worry.

Easy Operation

What do you use your smartphone for the most? Love taking pictures? Sometimes a bulkier phone case could have an effect on the image you take. The ideal phone case for this situation streamlines the camera operating process while providing crystal clear viewing.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the COVERT, a resilient, ultra-thin mobile phone cover. The ergonomic construction provides a non-slip grip while the raised bezel lends the screen extra coverage. All buttons are easily accessible and you maintain direct access to the touchscreen. It has military-grade drop protection and is lightweight enough to support wireless charging and PowerShare options.

User Reviews

When the inner debate continues and you still cannot make a decision, comb through the consumer reviews. Reading what people are saying about their experiences with certain covers and cases could help with your choice.

The EXEC series, for instance, is an S10 Wallet Case that Ghostek offers. Reviewers highly-recommended this wallet case for people needing something slim and solid. Not only were they impressed with the scratch-resistant back-screen cover, but the adjustable real-leather pocket also turned out to be the deal-breaker. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something that isn’t too bulky and gets top user remarks.

Just remember, all-around protection is at your fingertips. Simply explore the assortment of products available at Ghostek. You will be sure to find a case that exceeds your expectations.

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